Translation Levels

From basic to professional translation based on your need

Bronze Translation

Translation with 50 % technical terms
Cheap translation by armature translators
Appropriate for general texts and class projects
Ordinary time for delivery: 6 hours
Force major time for delivery: 4 hours

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Silver Translation

Translation with 70 % technical terms
Appropriate for conference lectures
Appropriate for thesis related projects
Ordinary time for delivery: 6 hours
Force major time for delivery: 4 hours

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Gold Translation

Translation with 100 % technical terms
Appropriate for journal publications
Translation by professional translators
Ordinary time for delivery: 6 hours
Force major time for delivery: 4 hours

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Document Translation

We provide quality work with utmost precision and care. Documents are well understood by the clear and professional translations of our translators. All documents are submitted to the translators with relevant professions.

translation levels

Professional Interpreter

You are always welcome everywhere. You'll have someone by and never lose any moment of your trip either for joy or for work. Trust is the keyword for our interpreters.

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Join Us As Translator and Interpreter

Eshragh Translators Network is among the most prominent and trusted translation networks in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Numerous individuals and academicians and research institutes are submitting their works for translation to ETN. Our network covers more than 2000 active translators and interpreters in various fields of knowledge and science and with specialities in 32 languages. We would like to invite the professional native speakers in all international languages particularly English, German, French and Arabic to join our network. We are many clients who require native editing checks and in many cases native interpreters outside Iran. You can work both as translator and interpreter. Iranian university professors send us their works and we prepare them with translations in whatever language they want. You can be part of this network and enjoy it. We are expecting the professional translators with brilliant academic backgrounds to assist us to provide better services for our clients. There are various types of clients and every service certainly has its own particular rate. Be sure that this business is a win-win game. We give 70 percent of the fee to the translator and interpreter and only 30 percent is kept for the network. Then it is fair and economic. Join now!

Call For Cooperation

Eshragh Translators Network is ready to sign cooperation contracts with foreign companies who are working inside Iran. These contracts can be short-term and long-term. ETN can provide skillful and professional interpreters for financial and business negotiations with Iranian authorities, companies, and individuals. We can help foreign businessmen to handle their jobs in Iran with utmost care, precision, and confidentiality. Our interpreters and translators are of various specialties and professions. Your documents whether they are for scientific conferences or serious political and economical negotiations are translated in the best way ever possible. You can try our services once and you'll surely become our special client. Just sign in and register the first request.

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