Simultaneous Translation

Humans are social animals. This is the definition that was offered by Aristotle two and half millennia ago. It contains a very significant truth about us. We cannot live in an isolated area. Isolation is not a human phenomenon at all. If we want to survive we have to interact with each other as independent individuals or in the form of groups and communities. To put it otherwise, our survival is hinged upon our decision to broaden our mind and reach out to other peoples from various backgrounds. Since people are speaking in various languages we cannot manage to learn all these spoken languages by ourselves. Every society trains a number of chosen citizens as translators or interpreters in various non-native languages. These interpreters are key to the society’s cultivation and development. They serve as a bridge between their fellow citizens and other nations. We live in the age of communication and no one can evade facing the other. We cannot build an isolated house of cards. The interpreters help us to connect with the rest of the world. Simultaneous translation is of various applications. Political negotiations are significantly depended upon this kind of translation. Interpreters play vital roles in the process of negotiations. Imagine if a misunderstanding occurs during sensitive political negotiations the destiny of two nations would turn dark. Such misunderstandings are fatal and can widen the gaps between them. Then interpreters are strategic human resources whose role should be appreciated in every society with utmost care. In a scientific conference if an interpreter fails to convey the point that is propounded by the lecturer the whole research project that has taken a considerable amount of money and time to be completed fails. In a commercial negotiation, we need some professional and well-trained and experienced interpreters to handle the key discussions regarding the conditions of collaboration and the interests. Needless to say, a national economic project that is supposed to be implemented by a foreign contractor can end up in heavy financial calamities due to misunderstandings resulted from a bad translation. Tourists always require an informed guide with good language skills to make the trip more and more memorable for them. ESHRAGH TRANSLATORS NETWORK works with seasoned and professional interpreters in 32 languages. These interpreters can be hired by the clients according to their needs and causes. You may be working with a foreign embassy in the Islamic Republic of Iran. We can send you very dependable and experienced interpreters for your negotiations with Iranian counterparts. You would be the leader or coordinator of a commercial convoy. You will surely need well-trained interpreters. Or you may have decided to visit Iran. We can introduce you to professional tourist guides who are trustable and polite. They will not make you troubles and can save you in various situations. Trust is our slogan. We trust our interpreters because they are chosen from among brilliant university graduates who are attending our interviews and pass written and oral exams. Everything is ready for a successful adventure in Iran.

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